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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing one of our heating maintenance services. Please read this terms & conditions document carefully as it contains important information regarding the terms and conditions of the contract between you and us. This is not a contract of insurance, a guarantee or an insurance policy. You are entitled to cancel this contract within 14 days, if you do not cancel the contract then you agree to be bound by the contract for the service period. The service period is 12 months from the start date which is set out in the covering letter enclosing these terms.


  •  The contract will be legally binding on you and us from the date on which you agree whether by telephone, online or by signing an agreement to take out a service plan with us. Please note your right to cancel within 14 days as described below.
  •  Even though the contract is legally binding from the date on which you agree to take out a service plan, we will not provide any services under the contract before the start date (the start date is set out in the covering letter enclosing these terms).
  •  Your service plan entitles you to one annual service visit and emergency call outs. You can only request a call out (other than a planned service visit) in an event of a breakdown or event of an emergency.
  •  If you have a service plan you are entitled to receive a maximum discount of £500 (silver plan) or £750 (gold plan) and £250 (only for central heating) against the cost of applicable repairs to your boiler or central heating system for the duration of your service period.
  •  We will cover the cost of applicable emergency repairs on your behalf up to the amount of the discount referred to in clause 4, depending on your service plan.. The cost will be charged at our standard charge rates (rate card available on request), or, if higher against the actual charges applied by our contractors.
  •  New service plans opting to pay monthly are entitled to a maximum discount of £100 in the first 60 days and £250 on the first 90 days against repairs to your boiler and central heating system.
  •  Any failure of the heat exchanger will mean your boiler will be deemed beyond economical repair.
  •  If we cannot repair your boiler or central heating system due to availability of parts we will deem your boiler beyond economical repair.
  •  We are entitled to use subcontractors for any services.
  •  We will try to contact you up to three times by telephone to arrange your annual service. If we don’t hear back, we will send a further notice through the post, we won’t make another attempt. It is your responsibility to arrange your annual service.
  •  If you have opted to pay for your service plan monthly, you may only request your annual service after the first 6 months of your service period.
  •  We maintain a 30-day exclusion period for new service plans, for renewed service plans no exclusion period will apply. The exclusion period starts on the start date, during this exclusion period we will not be required to provide an emergency call out service unless you agree to pay a deposit of £80.
  •  You agree to cooperate with us and our contractors and provide access to the boiler and such reasonable assistance as may be requested.
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